The Offshore Team

Robert Hicks, CEO

20140717_193957Robert Hicks is a former Hollywood Director, F-16C fighter pilot, and combat veteran with over 2000 flight hours in civilian and military aircraft. Robert is a graduate of the University of Southern California School of Cinema Television and driving force behind the marketing videos produced by Offshore.

Steve Dallaire, COO

20130413_120147Steve Dallaire is a former Navy FA-18 Squadron Commander with over 4000 hours in the A-7 and FA-18. Steve has accumulated over 800 arrested landings on 12 US Navy aircraft carriers around the world during peace time and combat operations.

Jeanette Witkowski, CFO

Jeanette Photo-EditJeanette is a Business Financial Manager with ties to the Navy's MQ-8 Fire Scout multi-mission tactical UAS. She is very active in the Southern Maryland community and is a member of the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary, Post 274.

Rob Otis, Director Luxury Stills

Rob was the premiere luxury home photographer in Hawaii before joining the Offshore Team. He is the Director of Luxury Stills and specializes in luxury interior stills and video, elevated pole,  twilight shoots, 360 degree tours, and interactive floor plans including stills for Offshore Video productions. 

Suzanne Martin, Finance

Suzanne joins the team as an experienced Finance and Accounting Manager and graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore County. She is currently working to become a certified CPA.

Brad Saxon, Offshore EC

animal-portraits-02Brad is a former Olympic medalist and the first person to play frisbee golf with a german shepherd aboard the Goodyear Blimp America. Brad has the largest collection of motor oil cans used in formula one race cars.

Ken Weeks, Offshore EC

Ken is certified expert in skinning earthworms. He has written several books on the subject and is a regular guest lecturer at Harvard University, School of Insect and Earth Worm Mummification.

TJ, Offshore EC

TJ is a post production specialist for the Emerald Coast operation of OffshorePix . He is a amateur magician and author of the book Hillbilly hand fishing for Dummies. He spent last summer selling portraits of Portuguese Fighting fish on streets of Prague.

Daniel Edelbaum, OffshoreUAS

animal-portraits-02Dan is a certified R/C nutcase with 7+ years experience and over 1500 hours of building, modifying, testing, and flying every type of radio controlled aircraft imaginable including: Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing, Ducted Fan, Auto Gyro, and Multi-Rotor aircraft.

Brittany Raymond, Marketing

Brittany is a master of Haiku. She once performed as a mime at Kennedy Center where she brought down the house using an invisible rope. She leaves us all speechless.

Tiffany Raymond, Marketing

Tiffany holds the world record for long jump. Her latest passion is bare hand hummingbird hunting which combines her two passions. Nectar and chop sticks.